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Treatment Hair Cream : Anti Dandruff, Reduce Dandruff

1 Product Name Treatment Hair Cream : Anti Dandruff
2 Product Description
  • ▪ Hair cream with a dual care function helps control dandruff while firmly styling the hair.
  • ▪ It helps firmly organize the hair and create long-lasting non-sticky hairstyles.
  • ▪ It creates glossy and healthy hair.
  • ▪ Hair cream with naturally derived pearl protein cares for the hair and helps it stay organized.
  • ▪ Contains Vitamins E.
  • ▪ Spreads well in hair keeping it soft and smooth, for easy styling.
  • ▪ Fresh spicy citrus fragrance.
3 Product Weight 28g, 70g & 250g
4 Product Image