Curtain Hair Is Taking Over – Learn to Style it Yourself!

Best Curly Hairstyles for Men & How to Care for Them

Handling curly hair can be a tough game, but armed with the right know-how and techniques, those curls can become your signature strength. In this guide, we'll break down the best curly hairstyles for men and give you crucial pointers to master your curly hair. From tight coils to relaxed waves, we've got a style tailored for every kind of curl out there.

Top 19 Curly & Permed Hairstyles for Men

Gear up to discover some trendy and dynamic styles to elevate your look and expertly display your natural (or permed) curls.

Short Curly Hair

mens short curly hairstyles

A fantastic cut to add to the list if you have curly hair, this hairstyle focuses on looking neat and polished. Curly hair is best left curly, so you'll want to complement it with a simple yet show-stopping style. By fading behind the ears, this style gives off a natural vibe that pairs well with the curls.

Curly Crew Cut

curly crew cut for men

Although you usually see it on men with straight hair, men with curly hair can sport a crew cut, too – and it looks great! Curly crew cuts go great with various fades and can be even more eye-catching with styling products.

Curly Undercut

mens’s curly undercut hairstyle

The curly undercut combines short sides with a longer top. It allows your curls to take center stage while keeping the sides neat and tidy. To achieve this style, ask your barber for an undercut on the sides and leave enough length on the top to showcase your curls. You can experiment with different lengths and fades to find the perfect balance that suits your face shape and curl pattern.

Curly Hair Fade

men’s curly hair fade

A modern hairstyle that combines the best of both worlds! The fade on the sides and back adds a contemporary touch to your curly hair, while the curly top brings texture and movement. You can opt for a high fade for a bold and edgy look or a low fade for a more subtle and dapper appearance. Remember to use a curl-enhancing product to define your curls and add extra volume.

Tapered Curls

men’s tapered curls haircut

Tapered curls offer a stylish blend of volume and neatness. The hairstyle features luscious curls on top and a sharp cut on the sides and back for a clean yet textured look. It's a fabulous way to rock those curls with a touch of sophistication!

Curly Quiff

men’s curly quiff

The curly quiff is a trendy and sophisticated hairstyle that adds height and volume to your curly hair. Style your curls up and forward to achieve this look, creating a voluminous quiff at the front. Use a strong-hold gel if you want emphasized curls with thin strands and a sleek polished finish, or a clay if you want that maximum volume minus the “crunch.” The curly quiff is a versatile hairstyle that you can dress up or down, making it suitable for formal and casual occasions.

Curly Pompadour

men’s curly pompadour

The curly pompadour is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. This suave and polished look features a sleek back and voluminous curls at the front. Use a gel to make your curls stand out at top volume or a clay for soft, touchable, full-bodied curls. You can also use pomade to add more dimension and stability to your style. The curly pompadour is a bold statement hairstyle that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Short & Tight Curly Hair

men’s short and tight curly hair

This low-maintenance style showcases your curls while keeping them neat and tidy. Finding the right balance between length and texture is the key to a great cut. Ask your barber for a shortcut on the sides and back, leaving a little more length on top for your curls to shine. You can also experiment with different fade styles, such as a skin fade or a taper fade, to add a unique touch to your look.

Medium Curly Hair

Natural Waves Medium-length Men's Haircut

natural waves, medium-length men’s haircut

While it's impossible not to appreciate a hairstyle that takes a lot of time, it can sometimes be best to leave all the hard work to your hair. This hairstyle lets your hair do the most challenging part, requiring nothing more from you than a light combing.

Curly/Wavy Mullet

curly mullet men wavy mullet men

The curly/wavy mullet is just as versatile as the medium mullet. Style it with tight or loose curls, both of which will give the style a distinct look. Tight curls give the haircut a Western feel, while loose curls give more of the traditional loose mullet that Asian men have loved the past few years. You can achieve this mullet with naturally curly or wavy hair or hair styled with hot styling tools beforehand.

Korean Perm, Mash Perm

korean perm men, mash perm men

In addition to the mash style popular in East Asia and Korea, the Korean perm is a short-medium length hairstyle that works with both wavy and curly hair. You can also pair it with fades and other short-sided styles. Sea salt spray is a helpful addition to this style, as it gives the hair added volume.

Curly Hair with Part

men’s curly hair with part

If you prefer a more conservative look, a part can add structure and sophistication to your curls while maintaining a professional appearance. Experiment with different parting styles, such as a deep side or subtle middle part, to find the one that suits your face shape and curl pattern. Use a comb or your fingers to make the part clean and defined.

Slicked Back Curls

slicked back curls men

Curls that are styled to lay flat and slicked back, often using hair products for hold. Slicked-back coils are all about elegance with an edge. Taking those natural curls, you smooth them back with a touch of product for hold, creating a sleek, refined look. It's a dapper choice for gents wanting to channel class and character in their hairstyle!

Long Curly Hair

long curly hair men

If you have long, curly, or wavy hair, one of the best ways to show it off is by letting it all down. You can maintain healthy and manageable curls by keeping your hair well-conditioned and using a curl-defining cream to enhance your natural curls or perm. Experiment with different partings, such as a middle or side part, to add variety to your look.

Curly Bob

curly bob men

Curly hair isn't just for long hairstyles; it can also work beautifully in a bob. The curly bob is a chic option that showcases your curls in a shorter length. Request a chin-length bob from your stylist and apply a curl-defining product to shape and define your curls. The curly bob is a versatile haircut you can style straight for a sleek and sophisticated look or leave it curly for a wild and carefree vibe.

Man Bun with Curls

man bun with curls

This style involves gathering curly hair into a bun, usually positioned at the crown or slightly lower towards the nape. Instead of a sleek, tight finish, the curls naturally spill out or frame the face, adding texture and dimension. It's a functional yet fashionable way to style longer curly locks, emphasizing the hair's natural volume and bounce.

Top Knot with Curly Undercut

men’s top knot with curly undercut

The top knot with curly undercut features a gathered bun at the crown, while the sides and back are closely shaved or faded. The contrast between the curly top knot and the sharp undercut creates a dynamic, edgy look, blending both volume and sleekness in one standout style for men.

Curly Fringe/Bangs

men’s curly hair with bangs

Consider adding bangs to your curly hair for those who want to make a bold statement. Curly hair with bangs creates a unique, eye-catching look that will turn heads. Consult your stylist to find the bang style that complements your curl pattern and face shape. Whether you opt for long, side-swept bangs or short, textured bangs, adding bangs to your curly hair will add an extra element of style and personality.

Curly Fringe & Classic Taper Fade

curly fringe, taper fade men

It's hard not to appreciate a good curly fringe, as it's something that only certain people can pull off well. If you're one of those lucky people, then you really should try this hairstyle out.

Combined with your classic taper fade, you set the stage for your curly bangs to really shine.

Understanding Your Curl Type

This is essential. It's not just about looks—it's smart grooming. Recognizing whether you have relaxed waves or tight coils means personalized hair care, which translates to boosted confidence. It's economical, too. You'll be able to give your hair exactly what it needs instead of wasting time and money on mismatched products. The right care avoids damage and allows for versatile styling, making sure you look sharp and feel top-notch. Grasping your curl type is the key to a sleek, efficient, and effective grooming routine.

The Importance of Knowing Your Curl Type

understanding men's curly hair types

Different curls crave unique care. For instance, 2A-2C waves flourish with light products to keep them lively, while 4A-4C coils thrive with richer moisturizers for definition.

Knowing your curl type will allow you to make informed decisions about the best products and techniques to embrace your curls and look your best.

Essential Hair Care Tips for Men with Curly Hair

Following essential hair care tips is important to maintain healthy, defined curls.

Choosing Hair Products Like a Pro

For men, the secret to flawless curly hair often lies in the products. We recommend shampoos and conditioners specifically meant for curly hair; they are crafted to lock in moisture and fend off dryness, which is essential for keeping those curls in top form.

A solid arsenal should include a top-notch leave-in conditioner, curl cream, and gel. These essentials elevate and sculpt your curls, delivering the ideal bounce and structure. Prioritize lightweight variants of leave-in conditioners, curl creams, and gels for the best results.

Advanced Washing and Conditioning Techniques

Curly hair deserves gentle care. Avoid vigorous scrubbing. Instead, softly work the shampoo into your scalp using fingertip motions, preserving the hair's natural oils. Let the water carry the lather through your curls, helping to retain vital hydration.

When conditioning, prioritize those often dry ends, applying a hydrating conditioner. While the conditioner works its magic, deftly detangle using your fingers or a broad-toothed comb, minimizing potential breakage.

Want to elevate your hair game? Incorporate a weekly deep conditioning treatment designed for men with curls. This extra hydration step fine-tunes your hair regimen. A consistent routine using specialized products will give you full-bodied, well-defined curls.


Guys — own those curls, whether they’re nature-given or salon-styled. Let your hair do the talking, expressing your distinct vibe and personality. We’ve shown you 19 of our favorites — give one a try! With the ideal cut and proper care, you can command attention with an edgy, refined look that exudes confidence.